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  About John 
"A person's life purpose is nothing more than to rediscover, through the detours of art, or love, or passionate work, those one or two images in the presence of which his heart first opened." - Albert Camus

Artist Statement


My work is concerned with creating a personal and intuitive nature experience in the mind of the viewer. I feel that we need to be reminded of our ancient relationship with the natural world, a relationship of which only vestiges remain. This has drawn me to the northern forest, with its primordial look and feeling of timelessness. It is in this environment that I feel most inspired and most at home. It is a difficult environment in which to work, with all the hallmarks of the true nature experience; the extremes of weather, voracious insects, isolation. But the benefits far outweigh the challenges, when I am rewarded with satisfying images.

In many cases a documentary depiction of a given scene may feel appropriate to me, in other cases this treatment would not achieve my vision. We have an instinct toward positively identifying and categorizing everything we see, which can be a barrier to responding to an artwork on an intuitive level. As such, I might make an effort to remove contextual cues from certain images, without resorting to pure abstraction.



Thoughts on the Making and Appreciation of Art


The making of an artwork entails the artist's struggle with his own limitations and those of his tools, in the creation of a symbol representing a confluence of spiritual and emotional states-of-being and life experience. As the resulting symbol is of such a personal nature, I feel that a total awareness of its implications is available only to the artist.


Viewers of an artwork bring their own frame-of-reference to its interpretation, based on their own life experience and state-of-being. As such, a viewer appreciates, or does not appreciate, an artwork for reasons uniquely their own.




John Radigan was born and raised in Wickliffe, Ohio and still resides in the area. He is an artist, writer, lecturer and workshop instructor respected for his penetrating photographs and captivating print interpretations of nature's wonders. His artworks draw on sensibilities developed through years of creative experience in music, writing, and photography in revealing the inner song, the cry of our true nature that awakens in the presence of wildness.


He leads workshops throughout the year for various organizations including the Adirondack Photography Institute and Cleveland Botanical Garden, enthusiastically sharing a wealth of practical experience while guiding participants in the process of uncovering, nurturing and expressing their own unique vision of the world. His informative and entertaining lectures explore the richness of the human/nature relationship through compelling imagery and thoughtful discourse.


John's work has received many awards and been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in venues such as Cleveland Botanical Garden (Cleveland, Ohio); Lake Placid Center for the Arts (Lake Placid, New York); Lake Metroparks (Kirtland, Ohio); Arts Center/Old Forge (Old Forge, New York); and the Fine Arts Association (Willoughby, Ohio). His work is seen on the walls and in the collections of many corporations including Merrill Lynch, Floraline Display Products, InfoRad, International Paper, KeyCorp, Life Cycle Strategies, Mountainman Outdoor Supply, Peak Performance Sports Medicine, Prudential Insurance, Thrivent Financial and Xerox.


John's images and writings also appear in his book, The Adirondack Heart.

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